About Us

Road Map

Launch and Community Building

– Create Pepe Junior token on BSC chain
– Create website and TG , Twitter and Discord and will expand on other social media platforms
– Deploy and test smart contract
– Create Fair launch on Pinksale
– List on decentralized exchanges (Pancake Swap)
– Build a strong and engaged community through social media and marketing efforts

Exchange Listing and Marketing

– Launch a community forum and Discord server to facilitate discussion and collaboration- Reach a market capitalization of 100k
– List on centralized exchanges (CEX)
– Launch targeted marketing campaigns to increase awareness and adoption
– Develop partnerships with other projects and influencers in the cryptocurrency and meme communities
– Launch an ambassador program to incentivize community members to help spread the word about Pepe Junior

PepeGpt App Development

– Develop a chatbot app that utilizes GPT technology to generate humorous and engaging responses based on user input
– Integrate the Pepe Junior token into the app to reward users for engagement and participation
– Launch the app on iOS and Android platforms
– Conduct user testing and gather feedback to improve the user experience

Community Expansion and Scaling

– Expand the Pepe Junior community to reach a wider audience
– Increase adoption by partnering with merchants and businesses to accept $pepe as payment
– Dedicate a portion of transaction fees to charitable causes, supporting initiatives that align with the values of the Pepe Junior community
– Continue to innovate and develop new features to keep Pepe Junior and the PepeGpt app at the forefront of the meme token and chatbot spaces.


Token Name: Pepe Junior (PPJR)
Token Type: Bep-20
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 PEPE

Token Distribution:
– 50% of tokens will be sold in the fair launch
– 28.5 % of tokens will be allocated to liquidity pool
– 15% will burn automatically after launch
– 10% of tokens will be allocated to marketing and CEX listing
– 6.5 % of tokens will be reserved for the community treasury

Transaction Fees:
0% Buy – 7% Sell

– 6% of every sell transaction will be distributed proportionally among all holders of Pepe the junior ($BUSD) as a reward
– 1% of every transaction will be added to the liquidity pool to ensure a stable market